Just wanted to post another update.

Just took the “shirtdeal” page offline, as its now Thursday night, and they’ll all be ordered up by tomorrow hopefully, and printed in about a weeks time! Sick!  If you missed picking one up, they will be for sale sometime in the future for sure. It was a fairly popular design, so it’ll be back. Plus we have a couple other new designs up our sleeve for later on!

Tomorrow I’m heading over to the Sidney Dirt Jump park to do a press release video on it. They just built, and set up the pro line there so I’m gonna go over and get some shots of them setting that up, plus some interviews with the builders, designers etc.  Rob’s also gonna be coming over too so he can get some photos for the press release. Sounds like a sick day!

– Eric P. ( )


~ by faultlinetv on June 17, 2010.

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