Packing for California…

Hey guys,

Just wanted to throw out a quick blog post. Just finished packing up all the camera gear in my new Dakine bag. Thank god they made a huge camera bag. I just fit everything I own into it. And my laptop will fit in it tomorrow. Yeesh. And no I don’t work for Dakine, so this isn’t advertising… well it is, but I’m not being paid off…

Dakine Reload. Check it out.

Anyways, just packed up all the gear. Tomorrow I’ll do a wash, and pack up all the clothes I’m going to need for the next week.

Im heading down on tuesday morning with the guys at COC and Straitline Components, in the big marmot bus.

Marmot Bus!

Now you can’t see in the photo why it’s called the marmot bus, horny marmot bus, or many other names. But on the back is a HUGE picture of a marmot that COC used on one of their tee’s. I’ll post some pics of the bus for the blog later.

Just wanted to also let people know we will be selling shirts down in cali for $20 USD or CDN. Whichever you have on you. And yes if you want to pay me a little less in USD thats fine too… its just way more awkward for both of us.

See you down there! More posts to come.


~ by faultlinetv on April 11, 2010.

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