Videos, Trips, Shirts…

Hey guys,

Just exporting a video right now! So stoked to have it up on Pinkbike and other sites. Its been a long time since we put up a video, and I think it’s about time! We’ll have many more to come.

The other thing I just wanted to get out there. Is next week the crew will be rolling into Squamish! A whole week in Squamish doing some riding, some filming, and some chilling. Also, different members of the crew will hopefully be doing blogs, as will I. So watch out for that.

I wanted to get the news out, because if you want to pick up a shirt while we are there, instead of ordering one, you can do that! Just have to give me an e-mail! ( ) and let me know when is a good time to meet! They are $20 CDN. And availible in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. I’ll bring a bunch of them all up with me.

SHIRT INFO! I also wanted to let the regular visitors to this blog know how they can get a shirt! I have been working on the store, and the new website, and it’s all very hard for me so it’s been taking some time. Heres the deal though. If you want a shirt NOW! Then send an e-mail off to ( ) and I will sent you a paypay bill, and you can just type in a credit card number. Simple as that. And you won’t need a paypal account. Then I’ll just send the shirt right off to you.

Haha, now to finish off this short blog. I just wanted to share with everyone a video that I found over on the Straitline Components blog. You MUST check out their blog (link on sidebar) if you want more stuff like this lol.

Eric P. or


~ by faultlinetv on March 3, 2010.

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