Quick Update…


Just wanted to do a quick post and include a little nugget shot from Rob. For the past two days we’ve been up on Mt.Prevost, the usual suspect when it comes to filming around here. However we’ve been on some never seen before trails, so it will remain interesting for you guys, the viewers. I was really getting bored shooting the same old trails up there. Same with the riders, bored of riding them. So we decided to try out some other trails that we had only ridden a few times, and so far things are going great.

We have one more day of on the mountain shooting, and then it’s going to be into the studio for interviews.

I’m awaiting to see some photos from Rob as he was there yesterday for day two of the shoot. Hopefully he’ll have some epic shots we can post up. Another exciting thing associated with this project is, Ehren, who used to be the face of the blog up above where your reading this, has been following us around filming with his own camera doing some behind the scenes. Were installing Adobe CS4 Master Collection onto his computer so he can do some editing. Hopefully we’ll have some awesome “making of” type footage.

Another project I’m working on, hopefully tomorrow night if the rain holds off, is a night time BMX shoot at a skatepark. Complete with lights and the whole set up. That will be fun to shoot.

Take a look at a picture from Rob that he got a while back on Prevost. Same trail were shooting on for the video!

Dexter riding a foggy Mt.Prevost

Thanks for reading,

Eric P – info@faultline.tv


~ by faultlinetv on January 28, 2010.

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