Hey guys,

Just wanted to put out a little post because we haven’t in a long time. Thats pretty much whats been going on. Its winter, and winter sucks for biking so theres not much we can do riding wise. Plus school is going, and then theres work associated with that…

Anyway, yesterday we went up to a little spot we know of, and yes, here on the island which is a first. It was this cool little field with epic grass, and we basically built up a berm, and got some shots of it! Now don’t get excited because it wasn’t that much of a big deal, and our building skills virtually suck, but it is what it is.

These are the two shots I have right now, because Rob hasn’t send me the photos he got, but I’ll let you know now he had some sick ones. So check these two out.

I’m also making a Demo Reel for all the stuff I’ve shot over the past year, just to give possible employers something to look at. Some of the shots from yesterday do feature in it.

So here we are…

                                                                      This is a shot of Dexters, 2009 Norco Team DH resting in the grass next to our berm spot.

                                                                                                                      Dexter checking out the camera as he hikes up for another go.


Thats it for the screen shots. But I”ll be sure to post the actual photographs from Rob when I get them!

Send me an e-mail about the photos if you want! Love to get comments…



~ by faultlinetv on November 8, 2009.

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