New Fault Line TV video…

Hi guys, I can’t write for long because I must go to bed. I have been working all night setting up the faultline store (not on the site yet) and working on what I like to call 2.0    It’s just a little redesign of the website. Nothing visually really, so thats all the same, but just how things are written, a new photo page, new video page, real crew bio’s. should be exciting!

Anyway. I’d like you to check out this new video. I filmed it last weekend with Trevor Thew of Duncan. It’s his promotional video for this upcoming season. He worked hard on it, and I hope you guys like it. Rob, Braden, Dexter and I all went along to film/take photos.        check it out on Pinkbike.Com


Oh!!! And if you think you’d buy a special Fault Line TV Steel Water Bottle, then e-mail me. I wanna know the demand for them. I’ll have a design out in the next few days. Hard for small businesses to spend money on things when we won’t know whats going to work!!  INFO@FAULTLINE.TV!!!

Back to write more tomorrow possibly. if you get bored



~ by faultlinetv on October 5, 2009.

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