Do we actually do things?


If your a regular follower to this blog, then it may seem to you, like we don’t do much anymore. That could be from the lack of videos, lack of blog posts (mostly this), or the lack of photos. Well, I say. We’ve been up to lots. It may not show yet, and no we haven’t been shooting, but I (Eric) have actually been working on version 2.0 of our website.

Not much will change, just a few things. A small part of how it looks, some new easier ways to view things. And one part I think everyone will like… the photos page! For so long photos haven’t really been part of the site, they’ve been more on PinkBike, or sort of on the site, but not really updated. Well today I take a stand, to put more photos on the .tv

The whole site will just be easier too look at. And! their will be a new addition to the site. A store! You will be able to buy all our stuff, by all, I mean our one set up shirts that will be ordered tomorrow. At least so I am told by our Apparel Director. All the stuff is gonna be epic quality, and Canadian made most importantly. So it’s going to be right from your home country. If your reading from the south, it’ll be made in the north? Whatever…

Anyway, thats all I wanted to say really. Just that the blog will be back on it’s feet! Hope everyone likes the new layout and banner and all that.

The banner photo will change from time to time, just like the photos on the front of the .tv but only as we take them.

As for other news. The videos will be on hold for a while. We have school, and I have a couple trips and freelance projects coming up. After that, and the addition of the NEW gear!! I will have a new site, and some exciting news for all of you!

You’ll be stoked… trust me

Anyway, you can start reading here again.

Eric P –


~ by faultlinetv on September 15, 2009.

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