Hello! Back to this…

Hey guys!

Thought I’d put out another blog here. Couple new things to mention right now!

Obviously back from Whistler, and back from Bear Mtn. and the BC Cup that was their. Everyone did good their, no injuries all that.

The first thing I’d like to point out, is that I have added a new Twitter to the side of this page. So if you have a look to the left, above our old one, you’ll see ” faultlinegps ” It will be doing the job that I wanted the other one to do. Basically I started the first one to show where we were, but after I got some of my buddies on their, it turned into more talking about them then actually where WE are. So I’ve added this new one. Right now it says on Salt Spring. Which is where our main, “office” and home base is. Thats really what will be displaying for most of the time. BUT, when were on the road it should get more exciting. I’m going to add it to the good old iPod, so when I have good internet, I’ll post where we are. Tomorrow we head out to Mount Washington for the 2nd last BC Cup of the year, and you will notice it will change. Then we’ll have Crankworx, Sun Peaks, and all the other fun stuff that we do! Or if any of us go anywhere. Basically wherever their is a FaultLine rep, that will say where they are. Kinda creepy, but it should be cool! Of course I’ll still run the other one and update it with more, interesting info. The GPS one will just stay the same and say our location!

Enough of that.

Second, like I just said. Off to Mount Washington tomorrow! The 2nd last BC Cup is their, and I plan do make a race webisode if I don’t get to busy! Hopefully anyway. I also plan to do some filming of Joe (read below) and ya! So I’ll, OH and Rob will be their taking photos! Soooo I’ll have to post some of them up when he gets them to me for all of you to see.

The third thing is. I just sent away all my stuff for our shirts! Pretty stoked on that, so they should be coming in the next few weeks. It will take time, but you’ll be able to purchase some epic faultline tee’s! Then hats, then hoodies! And it’ll just keep growing!

So with product, I am going to have to have a Factory Team eh? So anyway, just wanted to say, that their is now such a thing. I plan to be hooking them up with all the latest faultline gear so they can shred harder, and look oh so cool while doing it! If anyone is interested, the new Factory Team page on the site will be up in the next little while. Working on tones of things right now. But so far. For now, while our budget is small, Dexter Robson and the great Joe Esnouf will be rocking the Factory Team shizz. So you can see them in action this weekend at..Mount Washington Alpine Resort!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll post more when I have some more time. Update you on how the race went! But for now. Be sure to keep checking out the Twitter feeds and the blog!!

Oh and we should have a faultline tent at the next race, and for crankworx at ” Coopers Jump Jam” ! If all goes according to plan it will be at mount washington, but just blank, and white. So you won’t know whos who!

Thanks for reading!

EricP. – info@faultline.tv


~ by faultlinetv on July 31, 2009.

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