Whistler Update #3


Just thought i’d throw up another update here on the blog. i don’t want to loose any viewers on here by not putting things up, i’m sure it’s happend but whatever.

just chilling on my top bunk here in the dorm, listening to some neil young lol. me and the coc bus driver were scoping songs yesterday on the satillite and he totally got be back into the classic rock. for now at least.

tonight is paintball night. so i’m going out to get some shots of that for the weekly video. hope a lot of you are seeing them. and the vod on pinkbike yesterday of casey that we shot a week or so back.

anyway. the reason i’m here. is last night was airdome night. now if people reading this aren’t sure what the airdome is.. then let me help you out.

basically the air dome is a covered structure up here, with a foam pit, and lots of wood ramps. if you watch the camp video’s i’m making, they all make a large appearence in each.   a foam pit. is basically a huge wood roll-in  then a jump, and then you land in a huge, “pit” of foam cubes, and it’s just great for learning tricks in. and not getting hurt!

so while i was filming, i took the time to whip out my super high quality camera NAWT. and took some snaps. so you can check them out. i also put the cam on the dolly and did some shots too.. haha  an intresting angle..

So, i just inserted those pics. and i can’t see them, yet. so hopefully when i hit publish, they will all become visable for you.

thats pretty much it. the kid with his eyes closed is a faultline fan from montreal, so i thought i’d put him up, he’s a solid rider, and loves the troy lees! then the kid with the shirt is tyler and is like the faultline superfan of the month, so i thought i’d mention him! lol

but really.. props go out to ( a camper named )Eric in the hospital right now in Squamish. hope he gets to read this, and hope he feels better and is going to be able to hop back on bikes again soon!!!!!!!

he had a bit of a gnarly crash yesterday on the a-line rock drop. broke his ankle,  and pretty sure he went in for emerg. surgery. so i really hope he gets better. and when we have faultline tee’s, i’m totally going to send one out to him! so props, and hope he enjoyed the camp!!!

well thats again it for me.. i’m gonna get back to other work here..

EricP.  info@faultline.tv


~ by faultlinetv on July 7, 2009.

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