Whistler Update #2

Well, I guess another week has just about passed here in Whistler.

It’s been a fun week and their have been a ton of guys to shred, and film with. Even 3 nice people who knew who Fault Line was. I was pretty stoked on that. So when I get stickers, they all get some free ones!!!

It was actually funny because I was up in the airdome editing the casey groves boneyard video (link below) and i had just typed out faultline. one of the kids was watching what i was doing. and he said. hey!? are you shooting for them?  so i had to ask if he knew who they were, and he said ya!   so i told them that, i am them.. lol  anyway a couple other guys heard and were likd really!? so i was just suuper stoked on that. 2 of them are from montreal, and the other is from somewhere in the states. so it’s could to know that were getting out their!

so yep! doing lots of shooting. and riding lots. same as last week at this point. only problem is, i left my window open one night while sleeping. and i woke up with the eeeeeeeeeee  noise. and about 20 mosquito bites. and i’m not even exadurating (spelling) so ya. that sucks. i’m itching like 24/7

putting 0ut another video this saturday for the past week of camp. going to edit it all up tomorrow. taking a day off from the park to put it together. pretty stoked.

anywa. thats it from me. i’m getting tired. but for sure check out this edit i did of casey groves testing out the new crankworx stuff!!


ok! leave a comment. and enjoy!

EricP.   info@faultline.tv


~ by faultlinetv on July 3, 2009.

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