Whistler Update #1…

Hello from whistler!

i’m having a great time up here. just thought i’d start off with that. it’s pretty much like that all whistler video that came out a couple years ago “living the dream” cause it really is. just being in whistler getting paid to film is amazing. best job ever.

so enough of that. faultline might be partnering up with a designer for shirts and artwork and all that. he’s sick, and has sick work. went out to dinner with him and the rest of the coaches for 5 dollar burgers and nesters and him and i talked buisness. so we may have some legit epic tees coming out soon!!!

below i’m going to post some pictures that my buddy mike crane took for the camp. he is the staff mountain biking photographer

you can check him out online at …   www.mikecranephotography.com 

and you can visit the camp site at …  www.campofchampions.com

it’s an amazing camp. best place on earth to be at. all the people are super nice, and it’s just a huge amout of fun. so if you have teh cash, and you can make it up for the end of this year, or maybe next year. do so. go book right now. and no i’m not just saying this because i work for them, or getting paid for this. i am actually serious. this is the best camp to be at. you’ll have an amazing time. i guarentee it.

so here are the pics. thanks mike, and no i didn’t ask before i used them. but here they are. at least i credited lol



here’s the bike room. stocked with fresh, brand new… banshee, transition and norco bikes for the campers to test out! all free of charge. theirs always a vid playing on that puppy too. a good vibe.

thats jeff the mechanic. great guy, and thanks for fixing up my bike!


speaking of jeff. their he is. with his epic v-10  heading up to garbo with mike in the gondola!


and to make it complete we get 3 private airdome sessions a week. their sick, and theirs nobody their to share it with!!

theirs me filming a slow mo shot, while  gareth dyer, if thats even his real name, flies over head with the no foot can.


k well thats it for me. if you want to see the video of the first week at camp. session a that is. just visit

http://campofchampions.pinkbike.com  and go to the videos page. and into o9 vids.. and then look for the session a mountain bike video!!

check it. and comment.

ok thats it for me. off to bed. and i’ll try and update this again in a little while.

peace out

EricP.   info@faultline.tv


~ by faultlinetv on June 28, 2009.

One Response to “Whistler Update #1…”

  1. great stuff eric. i am looking forward to seeing whistler from your point of view.

    good luck! hope to get out there this summer, but local work is so tempting and very plentiful around here.

    shooting a mtb film this summer in new hampshire and maine. keep an eye on my site.


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