Camp of Champions and Summer Events…

Me again…

Thought i’d do another blog as i am on the home stretch of heading up to whistler for a month. yes. camp of champions has invited me up for a month of fun filled riding and filming. i’ll be up filming the campers and apres fun to make 5 exciting videos. so no matter what session your in, you’ll be getting some faultline magic 😉 haha. 

Camp of Champions!

Camp of Champions!

should be a super fun trip to go on, gonna meet lots of epic people and enjoy life in the best place on earth in my opinion.  and hopefully i’ll get some filming in with some other guys as well as the coc crew. thats the hope anyway.

so ya, i’m just here to let you know that faultline is going to be a little slower than usual right now, however their will be a lot more video content coming out. 5 to a month. so anyway. company stuff won’t be a hault, but until i find out how busy i’m gonna be i can’t say. i’m also going to be updating the blog as much as i can. so you can see what i’m up too, and watch the videos.

also just planning out something for crankworx that i can’t quite speak about yet but it’s sure to be pretty epic. might be a longer ish video with a company, but thats all i can say. were working on details right now.

ummm ya.. so i guess thats about it. school is over now. so epic. i can do what i want for the summer now! yay…

thats it.. but e-mail me if you have any questions.

peace and i’ll write something up in the next couple days.  have fun riding!



~ by faultlinetv on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “Camp of Champions and Summer Events…”

  1. so sick bud! congrats.

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