Getting bored? No longer…


So i’m typing on this here new laptop. unfortuneltly it says HP on the front. no theirs no apple. shitty.

anyway, i know i haven’t been posting a lot of blogs. but it’s been super boring, and things are just starting to pick up around here. the dirt jumps in sydney just opened today and phil, got the first ride down out of the public people. so that was sick. i have a bit of footage so i’m going to be putting together a small video for straitline and the dj park and i’ll post it on here. PLUS i got a pretty funny video of some people doing some scottish dancing. might not be funny anymore, but it was hilarious at the time.

the other thing is…faultline will be in whistler for a month starting on the 20th of june. so our base will be moved and bit, and their should be some video surfacing that i will be making up their. the other thing is plans are underway for our crankworx project..AND i’m starting to update the site, becaue i never finished doing that. i should have lots of time in whistler to do some updating, as i will be working a lot their.

thats all i really want to say for now because it’s really late and i was hoping to get up earlyish because i have to go to work at 10!! blehhh.. my last weekend of work for a few months probably, we’ll see if they take me back after the summer.

anyway everyone have a good day, and look out for blogs. cause they are going to start coming out of… their will be lots coming up, lets just say that.

the keyboard on this stupid thing has a really small shift key, and a enter key thats so hard to reach, so i’m writing in not so capital letters.


oh and check out..     for videos and updates on the dirt jumps in sydey. we were their today, and they are AMAZING. so check it out!

have a good one…



~ by faultlinetv on June 12, 2009.

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