New video up! Check it out! Read below…

Hey guys, Eric here.

As maybe some of you have seen the new sunshine coast video is up! and i’m pretty pleased it. the reaction to it is far bigger than i expected anyway.  i love releasing new videos, because it gives me a chance to read all the comments and e-mails and everything that i get, makes me want to keep doing what i’m doing!  i’ll provide links to some of the places you can watch the video at the bottom of this.

another exciting thing to annouce, that i will keep everyone posted on is our new tshirts. as i’ve been flaundering (correct word?) about designs of possible shirts for the past…what, 5 months or so. you must all be tired of seeing designs and want to see some actual products!! gosh.

well the ‘citing news is i’ve been talking to the guys at …. where i am going to be getting the shirts done, and were in the process of making the design up. we have to fix a few things because, obviously i have some sketchy ways of actually producing a design.

for instance. the flowers are horrible cut out of where i designed them, so we have to add in and ya etc etc etc..  i just suck at photoshop and indesign and all those programs people use, that i don’t know how to!

so hopefully within the next while, i’ll be able to get them up for sale. i’ll also link to a picture of the first design. i say first design, because again… obviously faultline is broke and we have zero cash for anything. so basically what were doing is just making one line of shirts. half of them will be pre-paid orders by close friends and people i know that want the shirts, so that i can afford them! lol! then the other half will be sold off, and with the profits of those i can continue to make more and more shirts as well as some designs. i’m already working on a couple sweet designs i have for after the purple flower one.  yes it’s a bit “chicky” but alot of those dirt jumper types quite enjoy being girly and wearing their tight pants… not to mention any names…because JOE ESNOUF, wouldn’t like it if i was bashing his tight pants.. 😉  sorry joe…

i spose now a whole pile of people have closed this window because of how i’m hating on dirt jumpers, but don’t worry i’m not! i love you equally…

SO..enough rambling. i will let you know when the shirts are up, and i will post a nice stock photo of someone wearing one, we’ll get someone ripped to model one for us, get a few product shots, and then maybe shoot a video explaining how this single t-shirt will make you the talk of the town, and did i mention it makes your automatically faster.. and yes i’m talking world cup fast!

so look out for that puppy!!!

ok video’s! because i’m done talking..

check out the new video if you haven’t yet seen it, leave a comment too!!!

check it on Pinkbike :

OR! read about it on Norco.Com!

Thanks to the boys at norco for having  it up! pete/steve

t-shirt design!

well.. send me an e-mail because i’m bored and REALLY don’t want to write a short story for english. so keep me occupied.  pff who am i kidding. you won’t write..

now it’s off to my new  breyers, double churned, extra creamy, chocolate cheesecake icecream!



~ by faultlinetv on May 27, 2009.

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