Sunshine Coast Day #1 – Travel

Hey hey…

I’m sitting in our room at dexters grandparents house right now. were all just pretty much chilling before we go to bed. we have to get up early and go ride. braden and rob are looking at their cameras and taking photos, doing all those things that photographers do. and ehren phil and dexter are watching bangers in some bmx vids, and all i can hear is yelling and OHHH!! haha, it’s a little annoying while i try and write this.

we had a good day today. woke up at a decent time. didn’t go to school for the first block, and then we all saddled on the 1040 ferry from saltspring over to vancouver island, where we then jumped on the bigger ferry over to the mainland. after some sitting, and eating our huge bacon cheese bugers (white spot) gros, but good triple-0 sauce all over.

after getting off that ferry we had to get right back in line and hop on ANOTHER ferry to get over to the sunshine coast. all the photo guys, plus ehren headed up onto the top deck to see if we could get some shots or not. it worked out alright, and i have a couple shots from braden that he kindly gave me for the blog (and he loaned me his laptop to write this) but anyway I’ll put a couple below and explain what they are…

Just me getting some scenery shots...

Just me getting some scenery shots...

One of the ferries going to a smaller island...

One of the ferries going to a smaller island...

Our little man ehren up top, as we film him.

Our little man ehren up top, as we film him.

As you can see we got a few shots up top. I got a couple timelapse shots, that i may or may not use. i run on the “motto” that i’d rather have a ton of shots, then too less. i’m sure everyone does that too.

wow phil just showed us this video of “tips” to help you film skateboarding and bmx better. it was actually pretty funny. and narated by a “hick” texas type guy that..really sounded like he know what was going on.. nawt.

another video everyone should check out is bruno red band trailer on youtube. it’s the sequel to “borat” and it’s looking hilarious.

i’ll close with a final shot of the three of us from up top on the ferry once again.

Rob then Ehren then me, chilling on top of the ferry.

Rob then Ehren then me, chilling on top of the ferry.


Tomorrow should be a fun’ish day. Braden should be getting some sweet photos tomorrow that hopefullly he’ll let me post on here once again tomorrow night (crossing my fingers). I’m going to be shuttling all day, and the other guys will be riding. so should be fun. and i’ll post another blog up tomorrow night. of course watch our twitter feed because i’ll try and post whenever we have internet.

Ohhh man i just got a hilarious photo of rob. he’s watching right now though as i type this so i might not post it tonight, but if braden still has it tomorrow i’ll for sure put it up…

i almost typed “talk to you later” but then i realized that would sound really weird. cause i’m really just talking to a computer. thats weird.


EricP. –


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