Sunshine Coast Pre Day #1

Well it’s 11:27pm, and operation procrastination is in full swing. the dryer is spinning, the bag is open on the floor. the shirts i don’t want to shrink are drying. the prizes are packed. the food is ready. the electronics are packed. the camera is in the “box” the cords and accessories are with…oh. the bike?  hmm how well i get that into dexters truck tomorrow. well shit i’ll have to call him in the morning.

lol. as you can see i am getting ready head off to the sunshine coast. some say it’s most fun trip of the year.. i say.. yes i agree. it’s going to be epic. the photo crew car is almost packed up, minus my shit. then all i have to do is go pick up rob and braden at school tomorrow and were off to the ferry to meet the other guys! woo. a few things i have to do in school/town first. oh and the dolly. its actually pretty helpfull that i’m typing this because it’s making me remember things. it’s so hard to remember things when you have so many things to pack.. things things things.  

this blog probably makes no sense, it could be a long one, so i’ll let you go grab your snacks and drinks now….

ahh, now that were all better and seated..oo the dryer is done. oh well i’ll leave it until the morning. shit dexter better bring his harddrive!  

i’m sooo not organized

anyway i’ll keep this short i hope. but were heading off our tiny island of saltspring and heading over to a small down just north of vancouver. the 8th? annual rat race is being held and we happen to have a spot in it! woo. and actually. i’m sponsoring it. haha..who would have though that we’d be sponsoring a race. but yes it’s true. i’m giving them about 250 bucks worth of prizes. of course..all in turn for some advertising and what not. but i think it’s a good move. 

we are gone for a grand total of four days. and i hope to put out a blog at least everyday, maybe i’ll put on some photos of what happend that day too! you never know what will happen. (also going to need the camera cord for that..shit) 

anyway.. every day..blogs and videos and photos and YES.. epic.. theirs lots to be had. who knows. stopping for slurpies at every 7/11.. some chinese firedrills here and their. whatever it is. i hope to get it on camera.. a digital camera mind you.. but it could be good.

i’m going to go for now.. but keep a heads up on the blog as their should be lots of juicy stuff coming out of us for the next few days.

oh…and check out..   i think you will notice some… uhh… changes?? yep! new site is IN MOTION!

k bed time.. peace guys

Eric P. –


~ by faultlinetv on May 6, 2009.

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