Solid night of working!

Heres the first screenshot for the new website!

Heres the first screenshot for the new website!

 Well folks, 

 Their it is. My creation over the last little while. I was doing a flash one, and then decided that was too hard, so I just went with the normal type, non moving all that, but I think it looks better then the other one ever could have. 

Gawd I love macs. I’m typing this on a mac and I’m loving it. Not loving the PC’s right now though. You can see from that screenshot, it just looks like it’s about to crash. I got a blue screen earlier today.

Anyway, now that I’m done the more design phase, and learning how to actually build a website. I can now move on to more of a, link all the pages and fill it with content, blah blah blah. I’m going to keep it super simple however. No long amounts of text like the old site. This will just be straight info about us, and our videos. I will also not being posting the old videos on their. Only the new ones. 

For those of you that are wondering when the site will be done, and when it will be replacing the old one. Well, I can’t say for sure right now. But sometime in the next three weeks for sure. I’m going to have sort of a super release date. A brand new spanking, hot off the press video, aaand this site. and to celebrate. I’m only going to make the video availible on the site for a few days. So maybe only the people that actually read this blog will be rewarded.  Just my way of marketing thats all. Reward the people that read this junk with cool things. not that showing people something they could wait two more days for is cool. but still, maybe a minor perk.

anyway, I’m just crazy tired ? right now, and it’s 1:00 am on the nose, i’ve been working on that thing for about 5 hours straight, and i have to get up at 730ish to go to the girlfriends house. so i better go.

hope you like the new site… or the homepage at least.

feedback would be GREAT if anyone wants too.    I’ll get it sometime tomorrow, and i’ll respond later in the night time when i’m home from work.

AND… I cant wait to go pick up my new nixon shirts tomorrow. their gonna be sick!  they have some awesome stuff, i think.

also… please notice the new twitter feed on the side. that will mostly be used for cool things like, at races. or if were filming or something. but watch it none the less.

thanks for reading again guys!

Eric P. –


~ by faultlinetv on May 1, 2009.

One Response to “Solid night of working!”

  1. new website looks Solid!

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