No Time!


Hi all,

Haven’t had much time to be blogging in the past while. I’ve been working a lot.

Just a couple things to update everyone on. I’ve been working on a sweet thing that we might be doing for crankworx, so stay tuned for that. sort of in the “pre-production” / planning zone for all that.

but gawd. what i’ve really been wanting to do, is make a short! like a real short. with actors and a script and all that cool stuff. i’ve been surfing vimeo for the past couple days in spare time just watching tones of shorts, and i’ve found some really cool ones.

if anyone has some time. i recommend one called  “Charlotte’s Red”  looks like it’s made by a guy named Colin McIvor. Whoever he is, he did a sweet job on this one. And out of all the ones I’ve watched in the past few days, his was the most interesting and well put together one I saw.

heres the link!

anyways thats it for me. i have to go do a couple things, then go to bed. hope you enjoy that small video, although it isn’t mine, it’s very cool

have a good one folks.



~ by faultlinetv on April 26, 2009.

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