Fault Line on Mt.Prevost…


Just back from a super fun day filled with free food and lots and lots of shuttles. Rob and I (eric) spent the day on the mountain today taking some photos and filming. Lots of people their today, so it was a great day. Didn’t do amazing amounts of filming, their won’t be any movies coming out of it. But just did some gathering of footage for certain promo’s I’m making… thats about it.

Below I am going to post a couple epic shots that rob got today. then i’m gonna post a raw un edited screen shot from my camera, just to give you a few goodies.

by the way… you can check out the photos that rob has uploaded by going to… http://faultlinemediagroup.pinkbike.com/album/MartyGras-RC/ 

their are going to be many more tomorrow, he just had to put up a few tonight for us! lol…

check the fav’s out here if you don’t want to venture off.



          Heres a shot of Dexter Robson ripping through one of the tight berms in the top section…


 Philip Elsser and his amazing tuck-n0-handers off the bottom jump.


And last but not least for robs photos. Simon Garstin flying over me while we shoot for his promo edit…   dedication??

Thats my favorite part of filming. getting sketchy shots that look good, that nobody else would do lol. Like the screen shot below, where simon landed about 2 inches away from my camera lol! my heart beatin soo hard after that one…


ah it turned out a bit too dark. think my nd filter was up a bit too high. 1/64 would have been great if i was looking at the sky but maybe lower would be better. oh well. not that great of a screen, so i’ll find another. the actual movie clip is  a lot better. blasting by me in 60fps (slow mo)


heres another of simon on the trail. just like the other it could do with some color correction, but just wanted to give everyone a taste of what it was like up their today. thats what this is all about. lookin good though i think. by the way thats rob in the back. He’s shooting with a Nikon D3 if anyones interested in knowing…

Well thats it for me. bed early’ish tonight i think. really tired. have a good one guys.

thanks for reading. E-MAIL ME if you have any questions, or tell me what you think. i love fan mail lol…  and those classic long walks on the beach..who doesn’t!?


Eric P – info@faultline.tv


~ by faultlinetv on April 19, 2009.

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