Fried Shrimp and Mt.Prevost…

Yo guys,

Just had some fried shrimp! ye. however… i forgot to turn the stove off so i returned upstairs to a smoke filled kitchen, but all is well. just opened some windows and doors for a few mintues.

Anyway, it’s simple. Get some shrimp. put a frying pan on the stove, melt some butter in it, pop those puppies in their, swirl them around, add some garlic, let them cook. and then when their good, pop them in your mouth for a super heathy, but not… snack!

well! super stoked for prevost tomorrow. going to bring the dolly along again and do some shots in the clearing with dexter and others. get some sweet berm’age shots. epic.

going to be their ALL day, the whole fault line crew. of course lots of other people will be coming too, cause theirs a little event being put on by marty’s mountain cycle.

thats so strange. people with names that end in Y. Marty, or dexters girlfriend… Daisy. how do you pluralize that? Marty’s or Marties. I guess you just keep the Y, cause it looks sort of strang on marty. but for daisy, daisies looks more correct. Hmm. someone should make that more clear. yep

oh that reminds me i have to go get the hpx out of the golf and charge up the battery! then i’ll have everything packed up! oreo’s, wallet, camera, tripod, dolly, 5.10’s which i must remember this time, because frankly, hiking in oakley shit shoes just sucks. i ruin my feet.

anywhooo. just thought i’d update everyone on what is happening.

now lets all take a break with some junkie xl? idk… dexter just sent it to me. it’s aiight. check it out. the video here sucks, just put together by someone, but whatever.

wo… at 2:20 ish in that vid. the changing hue of sky and street is actually really trippy.

well thats it for me folks. off to bed. early up tomorrow! holy it’s 11.. wow.

anyway. peace out for now. COME TO PREVOST if you live around here. it’s gonna be a blast!

Eric P –


~ by faultlinetv on April 18, 2009.

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