Quick post, then classify worms…

Hi guys,

Just doing a quick post before i go and classify some types of worms for bio. of course, i leave everything to the last second.

today was pretty epic, drove around the island with the girl and stopped at anything semi cool that i could find. everything from cows almost licking my lense, a lone tree in a field, a beach with crabs and starfish, all the way to some shots with the “volksvaagon” and some old falling apart metal barn. it was an alright day. i’ll post the only screen i have below. i took a bunch but kept overrighting them on the same file for something else, so this is the last one i did. it’s Jess petting a cow! fun stuff… i did some fooling around in magic bullet with it, and i’m pretty sure this is the tilt shift one i did.

not sure what will come of the video. most likely just going to be using the asortment of shots in a demo reel type video i am making for my online portfolio.


well their it is.

NOT so much happening in the world of faultline. i haven’t really been doing any mtb filming so theirs not much to say. BUT getting super stoked for the race in nanaimo. we all still haven’t decided if we want to go to the race, or if we want to hit up prevost with martys mountain cycle and wade simmons, it sounds fun, but the race might be alright too. we’ll see. and i’ll post up here what goes on a the race or.. on prevost.

thanks for reading once again

Eric P. – info@faultline.tv


~ by faultlinetv on April 13, 2009.

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