Long weekend…

Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of blogs, but i doubt your missing them too much. i’d be shocked if someone actually got out of bed in the morning and made that days mission to read our blog.

the first 3 days of my break have gone alright so far. can’t remember what i did friday. probably nothing interesting. and then the last two days i was at work down on the dock. i have a picture of one of our companies planes in the sun in the early evening, BUT it’s on a USB stick thats actually plugged into my car for music. being as lazy as i am, and the howling wind outside i don’t really want to get up and go get it. it’s not the best shot anyway. sorry to get your hopes up. man i do that a lot to people.

tomorrow should be a cool day though. doing some filming with the girlfriend. NO… were walking up a mountain and i’m going to get some epic tree shots and shots of an incredible view at the top. should be good and i hope to get a little artistic video out. i haven’t done one in a while. of course it’ll probably only happen if it’s sunny, which i’m not sure about. but their was some hope for that as the end of the day was totally sunny. if not. i may venture down to her house, and go out on these cliffs that over look the ocean. they would actually make for some amazing shots if its wet. it’s sort of depressing farm country. lots of crap laying around, dead trees, all sorts of natural interesting things to shoot.

not really sure what else to say. no school tomorrow, obviously it’s easter monday..sooo. yep. amazing how we have 2 weeks of for spring break, and then go back for 2 weeks and then get a long weekend, plus another friday off. it’s crazy..

anyway.. hope everyone is having a good long weekend! hopefully some people have sun wherever they are!

and watch the show ” Departures ” on OLN. It was on today, they were in Chile and went to Easter Island. then next their going to Antartica. deffinetly my fav show right now. has some incredible cinematography. check out their show intro from the first season and make sure you watch it in high def.

they’re currently off in the world filming the 3rd season of the show. the 2nd season airs sundays at 7pm and 10pm PACIFIC STANDARD time. ye. pretty sure the Antartica one thats next is the last one for the season, so times could change after next weekend. but check out the news paper or online for correct times in your area.

alright i’ll try leaving once again. hope everyones having a good long weekend. and i’ll be back blogging, once some more interesting things happen!

Eric P.  – info@faultline.tv


~ by faultlinetv on April 12, 2009.

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