Norco.Com and VOD?


Pretty stoked on today. Thanks to everyone who commented on the video and fav’ed it. Excited how everyone liked it and it just makes me want to go out and make another! and another! But not soo many, I have to tease you all a little bit. Wouldn’t be fun if I pumped out a video every day, lol.

Yep, and the media arts teacher even pulled through today and gave me 12/13 on my ISO assignment.

Hopefully you’ve all seen the video, I’ll link it again down somewhere below all this, just incase 😉

Just got back from town ( i.e small village) with Dexter and we got some shit done for our media arts class. Took some sweet long exposure shots and some cool shots of sun sets and planes and flowers and all those good things. Even did a timelapse with the HPX on the way home in the car. So I’m going to put that up on my vimeo account in the next couple days. Was going to do it tonight but then realized that I have to write a small scene of a play, but all in (warning! made up word) shakespear’e’en language. hopefully theirs a site online where you type in proper english that NORMAL people use and it’ll translate it into that stuff. hopefully the people reading this all agree with me that, that stuff is hard to understand, no? wow this was supposed to be a company blog, not about me. but hey, it’s hard to do this everyday and not throw that into it.

Heres one of the shots from my camera when we were downtown, Dexter has some better ones on his. This was taken with a Canon Rebel XSI. not actually mine, but the schools.

Flower with sunset behind.

Flower with sunset behind.

Well thats the only photo I’m gonna upload, that actually just took like 15mintues. I guess I’m also uploading video though.

Anyway, thats pretty much all I have to say right now. Check out the video though. I’d recommend watching it on Vimeo in HD! But def. check out the news thing on Norco.Com and ya! Here are some links. thanks for reading once again.


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~ by faultlinetv on April 7, 2009.

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