New video and more to come

Hey everyone.

Stoked to see that some of you are reading this, it’s good to hear. Now i dont’ feel totally ignored, lol.

Well today was a big day for dexter and I, and for fault line of course. we released dexters 2009 promotional video, and I have to say it’s doing quite well on pinkbike right now. Had over 1000 views in the first 12 hours which is quite good for anything I’ve ever done before. 100 fav’s too, and it hasn’t even been VOD! Super stoked that you all like it, I even find myself going back and watching it. I will include a link to it at the bottom of the page, just in case you haven’t actually seen it! because then you must see it. I’ve been trying to get it to Freecaster.TV for the last while now but the link they gave me to upload just isn’t working. Its a shame because lots of views come from their.

So, in company/video news, this should be the new norm for fault line I am hoping. I am going to be working with a few riders over the next few months that I select and then we do a video on them. It is going to be the new series for this summer. Also, hopefully going to be releasing fun new webisodes that will just be scattered and random that will contain races that we have been at, random rides, and everything in between. It is my goal this year to shoot some more fun, behind the scenes stuff. Another thing I hope to do, but can’t leak out a lot of info on right now, is some bike checks with some pro and semi pro guys. The more important thing however will be the series of promo’s with the guys I choose, as well as being at all the races and all that.

Had a great day at school today, finally it was sunny. Classes suck though, funny how the media arts teacher can give me C-‘s but yet I come home and have comments after comments on the fault line videos.

Thats basically all I have for now. If all goes as planned I am going to be buying a Pentax K200d at the end of the month so I will have some photos to share with all of you, many behind the scenes things hopefully. Again, liking all this blog stuff. Hope to do something tomorrow!

Stay sunny!!

Dexters 2009 Promo –

Eric P. –

Contact us about rates for videos that you need done. Even if it’s not riding, we do it!


~ by faultlinetv on April 6, 2009.

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