Downtown bordem, and photo ideas!?

Hey gang,

Another just before bed post here. Had a super boring day today, but you’ll be glad to know I JUST finished dexters 4min and 15 second promo! so if your a fault line super fan and your keeping up to date with the screenshot posts on you’ll have 4min + of stuff like that too watch in just a few days. who knows when i’m going to post it, but i have to wait for dexter to see it before i can do a final export. it really is his video so i guess i should let him ok it first. he can’t really say anything though because it’s literally like all the footage i have.

well i’m really getting used to this blog thing now. i never thought that it would be a big thing, and that i’d be able to do it every day. but it’s actually turned into a fun and fav thing to do, already! i know after like 3 days lol. and as you can see my writing has slowly turned to lazy non punctuational’ized jarble. yes we make up words here on the fl blog!

on a more personal note i had some free time at the actual paying job today so i decided to bust out the camera and walk around downtown and get some shots of the water as the sun went down. yes i know, your saying what! work and freetime in the same sentance. well ya.. my job is pretty lazy. one of those sit around and wait for things to happen. but you know when their going to happen so theirs small gaps i have to fill, mostly i think about how i can make the company much bigger and better. but we’ll save that for another day. below are a couple, or one (haven’t decided yet) screenshot(s) of the stuff i did today! enjoy…

Screenshot from my "Evening in Town" short.

Screenshot from my "Evening in Town" short.


Screenshot from my "Evening in Town" short.

Screenshot from my "Evening in Town" short.

Anyway, as you can see that should be a pretty cool little project.

Ok, now on to the biz’ness part of this post. Starting after the next race (hopefully) we are going to have a new service, where you can buy prints of our photos from the photographers. so if they take a pic of you at a race, OR if you just want a picture of something else they took, all your going to have to do is select a size and photo, e-mail that to something like or whatever i decide (thats not an actual e-mail yet) and then pay the amount depending on how big the photo is. and you’ll be sent the (insert size here) glossy photo that your ordered! now how cool is that. the project has just started, so we still need to work out sizes, prices, and the how too stuff. and *hint* once the new site is done, it should be up on their how you can order them!

Ok well thats all for now. I’m super tired and need to go to bed, i work again tomorrow!

Oh, just another thing I wanted to mention. I want to find out if people are actually reading these things, or if I am just talking to outerspace. So if you feel like telling me your reading them, which i sure hope you do. contact me by any means possible. pinkbike IM/wall. comment on something in here. e-mail us. whatever. let me know if your reading this!!!!

cheers guys!

EricP –


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One Response to “Downtown bordem, and photo ideas!?”

  1. Hey! Just letting you know that I read all this stuff. Its actually interesting hearing what you guys are up to and stuff. I have an obsession with people that are extremely good at filming taking pics and riding(you guys). Keep up the good work!

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