New Website

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to make a post about the new site we’re making which is why there haven’t been any new blog posts.

There will be an integrated blog on there.

Also look out for a new wilderness tee dropping with the new site..

– Eric P.


Camp Of Champions: Week C

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Hey all,

Haven’t done a blog in a while! I know I promised, but then I came up to camp of champions in whistler to shoot for them. A month long shooting gig in whistler. Pretty sweet.

I’ll have a new video to post soon. The Session B review. I’ll also post the Session A video for all that missed.

Also super stoked to be working with Ryan Berrecloth right now on a new series involving a few other riders as well. And then another video with Ryan and Kenny Smith. So a few other projects on the go as well.

I’ll post those videos later when they’re up. Now back to watching people hit the 365 sports air bag at the camp of champs compound…



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Just wanted to post another update.

Just took the “shirtdeal” page offline, as its now Thursday night, and they’ll all be ordered up by tomorrow hopefully, and printed in about a weeks time! Sick!  If you missed picking one up, they will be for sale sometime in the future for sure. It was a fairly popular design, so it’ll be back. Plus we have a couple other new designs up our sleeve for later on!

Tomorrow I’m heading over to the Sidney Dirt Jump park to do a press release video on it. They just built, and set up the pro line there so I’m gonna go over and get some shots of them setting that up, plus some interviews with the builders, designers etc.  Rob’s also gonna be coming over too so he can get some photos for the press release. Sounds like a sick day!

– Eric P. ( )

Finally a new post…

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Haven’t posted here in what seems like ages. Actually its been about two months, and thats way to long. Im going to try to start posting again, and doing some blackberry posts. Just small photo’s of shoots, or whatever were doing thats cool! I also have a few things I want to show everyone but I’m going to save them up for later post’s.

First off… Of course our new video. ” Straitline Silent Guide: Sunshine Coast ”

We filmed this video a few weeks back on the Sunshine Coast, while attending the Sunshine Coaster race. Formerly known as the Rat Race. Its one of the best races, if not the best race we go to each year and every time it gets better!

We started off on Friday and filmed the first portion of the video on a trail I can’t remember the name of, maybe someone can help me out here. But it’s up the main shuttle road to Mach Chicken, just below where you hop out of your truck. Super fun trail, and aside from the light being a little to patchy the shoot went well. The only problem was we ran out of trail, and it turned into this muddy, double track type road. Probably for a skidder or something like that.

That night we were off to see Iron Man 2, with some of the most annoying kids ever behind us… long story. Also the theatre was weird. For some reason it sloped up towards the screen instead of down. Very strange… Oh well.. Thats Gibsons for you.

Saturday night was the night. We drove the truck and the VW golf up the road and parked near the trail. Hiked in the dolly and all the other crap. Thanks to Braden, Rob and Ehren… Helped me carry all the pipes/tripods/dolly/jackets, other random objects. Although we only used the dolly for one shot, and only got a couple other useable shots per that one sunset, I came away with one of the best shots I think I’ve ever gotten… personally, you may think differently. Its the last shot of the video.

Now about the guide… I’ve known the guys at Straitline for the past year and we’ve worked together on a few things like the april fools video series etc. So some of you may think my opinion is quite bias because of doing the video, knowing them and all that, but its not. I got one of the guides on my bike a couple months ago and I think its amazing. Its silent.. no moving parts, no wheels to grind around in dirt, no bearings to fatique and muc up. Its a piece of work, and weighs nothing. One of the sweetest products on my bike. It actually does what its designed to do. It doesn’t have those small things that I hate about almost every other product on my bike. So deffinetly find someone who has one and try out theres, I think you’ll like it.

Thats enough for me.. and keep checking back to see if I post up more!

– EricP. ( )

Packing for California…

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to throw out a quick blog post. Just finished packing up all the camera gear in my new Dakine bag. Thank god they made a huge camera bag. I just fit everything I own into it. And my laptop will fit in it tomorrow. Yeesh. And no I don’t work for Dakine, so this isn’t advertising… well it is, but I’m not being paid off…

Dakine Reload. Check it out.

Anyways, just packed up all the gear. Tomorrow I’ll do a wash, and pack up all the clothes I’m going to need for the next week.

Im heading down on tuesday morning with the guys at COC and Straitline Components, in the big marmot bus.

Marmot Bus!

Now you can’t see in the photo why it’s called the marmot bus, horny marmot bus, or many other names. But on the back is a HUGE picture of a marmot that COC used on one of their tee’s. I’ll post some pics of the bus for the blog later.

Just wanted to also let people know we will be selling shirts down in cali for $20 USD or CDN. Whichever you have on you. And yes if you want to pay me a little less in USD thats fine too… its just way more awkward for both of us.

See you down there! More posts to come.

XC Ride

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Wow. Can’t believe a blog post hasn’t been done in a month. Thats horrible! Too much time spent doing other things I guess. For those of you that are still here, recorded a video today on my blackberry of us doing an xc ride after school, or well… by this time we were on the road back up to the truck.

Pardon the sound, it sucks, its on a blackberry. AND me having to yell. It was pretty nasty out.

Edits, Trips and more tees!

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Hey folks,

Got back from Squamish yesterday evening. It was a super fun trip, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we all want to be back there riding and filming!!

I was really eager to get editing, so I grabbed the external drive and went over to Dexters for a bit to edit there for a change. Got lots done, and some feedback from him and Ehren while I was doing it. Bonus!

Check out the editing shot below.

New Squamish Video Screen

Can’t wait for the next trip. And trust me when I say, there will be many more. I hope to bang off at least two more projects… filming wise in the next week. So that should be fun. Then there will be lots of school to ignore 😉 and lots of stuff to edit.

Thats about it for me. Just posting up a quick update.

But, I am reminding you. Please visit our online Store! Grab a t-shirt now and support our videos. We want to keep going, and we want to make more videos for you guys! Support!

Just scroll to the bottom of the page, select a size and it’ll take you to the secure paypal site. Then just hit ” pay without signing up for an account ” its 100 percent safe. Just ask the other people that have done it!